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Proven in practice - OO & designpatterns based - open architecture

the experienced J2EE/JavaEE technology consultant - "helping is my business"


This site only represent private opinions from a humble M.Sc.EE konsulent, operating without ties to large companies. Information is provided without responsability for how a reader might use it.

Bring focus to technology and not tools

Selection of people ofte focus only on tools. But tools are exchanged much more often than foundation technoglogies. This has its good reasons. Tools can atttach things - but this will only bring you part of the way - technology decides if the whole thing actually works.

Background knowledge, not one tool, makes the whole difference.

Success through knowledge

Knowledge provides preparation. Preparation secures path to the goal. Achieving the goal is to succeed!

Famous quote reads, even a stopped watch is right up to twice a day - but waiting can be long. To rely on working watch is best.

My homepage is(!) j2ee.eu / j2ee.dk / j2ee.uk - I pursue the top(!) essence of J2EE/JavaEE excelence in Denmark

Uncompromising technical excellence and extreme politeness in all situations are my trademarks.

End-to-end full-technology-stack developer and technical tester with M.Sc.EE degree & 20+ years experience working for top technology companies such as IBM, BEA Weblogic, NETS, Maersk, banks, insurance, etc. Certified SCJP, SCJD and have worked in-depth with enterprise security and fx. many Apache foundation framework standards. Commons, JPA, Hibernate, Log4j, JUnit5, Maven, Spring, Camel Bridge, Groovy, Subversion, GIT/Bitbucket, Tomcat, JMeter, JDBC, CXF, REST, JSON, etc Can go deep into J2EE standard application servers - tune, administrate and monitor through mbeans - administrate Oracle DBA - or PostgreSQL (my favorite) - HTML5/CSS3 web front-end - on a shoe-string budget. Creating Jenkins pipelines for build-test-deploy cycle to continous delivery and automated test.

Like all other consultants, I immediately see the easy solutions - difference is - I don't stop there. I have education to prove that. I go all the way! When not always being heard, I create prototypes - because on a social level it's more difficult to dismiss what's tecnically proven to be working.

You may not be able to see it... lost money due to non-optimized web commerce e-solutions is lost forever... and leaves you behind in future competition with others.

Mission Statement: Dedication to help people!

Dedicated to make a difference. Check my educational background with a M.Sc.EE - my certifications - my long and broad work experience - my articles - my website on design patterns methods - website j2ee.dk related to my core skill. I work evenings and weekends to ensure continued excelence of service.

Because... I'm the J2EE consultant... with emphasis on J2EE - and I'm here to help people! I humbly present link to my : CV

"A good solution is when stakeholder is satisfied..." and "A solution is not completed, if documentation has not been accepted by those taking over..."


Definition: Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is the industry standard for developing portable, robust, scalable and secure client/server-side applications.

J2EE is a widely recognized, older name for JavaEE, which will characterize the technology in the future.


Technology from Microsoft. In fact, the two technologies are not opposing each other - but borrows architectural features from each other.

The fun part

Det sjove
Service to hairdressers
The fun
A series of auction sites, coded from back-end to front-end, running on Tomcat/JSP/PostgreSQL wiht SSL certifikat termination on Apache webserver
Det sjove
Auction sites with fokus on business.
Det sjove
Det sjove
Det sjove

Most important... Know the teknology! Help people!

Ability to help people is true strength. Understanding and describing the problem - is actually to solve it. That's why ability to do documentation is important

I do this, fx. in general articles as on my site topsecurity.dk.

And remember... have fun... help other people!!! Otherwise what is the purpose of everything...